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The Magic of Landscape Lighting

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Landscape lighting is the practice of highlighting the landscape with light that makes it come to life after dark. Properly designed, it can make the outdoor nighttime a magical place (think resort) in one’s own backyard.

The Art of Pruning

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Most plants will need some pruning during their lifetime. Some plants will need frequent pruning and some will need it only occasionally. Either way, proper pruning technique is a skill that must be developed with practice. Pruning properly can mean the difference between a healthy and aesthetically pleasing plant and an unhealthy and unkempt plant.   … Continue reading The Art of Pruning


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Crapemyrtles have been described as the crown jewels of the southern landscape. Their glorious summer bloom, fall color, exfoliating bark, and elegant form truly make them a four season plant. Their long bloom season make Crapemyrtles a staple in summer plantings and their fall color ranges from gold to red depending on the specific cultivar. … Continue reading Crapemyrtles

Ornamental Grasses

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  “Lacking the brightly colored flowers of the familiar, broad leaved flora of our borders, grasses are grown for their structure, for the subtleties of their shape, form, and texture, for the translucency of their flowers and seed heads, and for the movement they bring into a garden. They stir with the slightest breath of … Continue reading Ornamental Grasses